Gorgeous Garden Route – from Western Cape to Eastern Cape

The gorgeous, glorious Garden Route – from Western Cape to Eastern Cape, Cape Town, South Africa

During the summer months in South Africa, one should definitely treat oneself to a trip from Mossel (mussel) Bay in the Western Cape to Storms River in the Eastern Cape. This amazing 215km coastal stretch will bring you nothing but joy, fun, amazement and a renewed appreciation of nature thanks to its truly picturesque scenery and varied and interesting towns. The route got its name from the lush and diverse ecological plant life and the various lakes and lagoons that are packed into this relatively short stretch of road. Some of the towns that should not be missed, include:

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4 Holiday Gimmicks You Need to Say No To

It doesn’t matter whether you visit London or the Costa del Sol, you are going to be swamped by tourist traps wherever you turn. The travel industry is one that has started to pride itself on no frills but if you’re not careful, you can burn through cash like there is no tomorrow.

There are certain gimmicks out there which are more costly than others and can start to make that modest vacation look considerably pricy. Here, we’ll take a look at the four most common – and just why you simply must avoid them in a bid to maintain that spending money. Continue reading…


Suffolk: Great for the History Buff

Britain certainly has its critics, but one thing that nobody can say about the country is that it doesn’t lack history. It might not have Costa Del Sol-like beaches, but if you possess even a remote interest in going back in time you won’t be disappointed.

Unsurprisingly, some regions offer more attractions than others. Take to London, and you’ll be hit with all of the common attractions like the Dungeons, London Bridge and many others. However, a lot of people don’t realise that historical attractions don’t stop in the capital and if you can broaden your horizons, the rest of the country has plenty to offer.

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Timeshare 101 for Novices

We’ve all heard the scams; timeshares can be an absolute rip-off. In fact, over recent years the press has been inundated with stories of people losing tens of thousands of pounds just by opting for that shady timeshare deal, which seemed too good to turn down at the time.

While the reputation of timeshares has most definitely taken a hit over the years, they’re still a popular investment. However, this article isn’t going to cipher over the benefits of the schemes, there are plenty of other resources that can do that for you.

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All You Wanted to Know About Timeshare Vacations

You might have been approached by salesmen selling units in a beautiful resort and telling you how every year you can spend your dream vacation. Or you might have heard about it online or through friends, and wondered how it actually worked. So, what actually is timeshare?

Simply put, timeshare is a property where you can become the owner or you will have right to use the specified unit. It is basically for resort specified units where multiple owners have right to use the same property for a particular period of time. Time period can be for a week or almost same time every year in which you have right on the property. Units can be on lease, partial ownership, or on right to use basis in which the buyer doesn’t hold the rights to claim the ownership of the property.

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P&O Cruises: What to Expect from Your Cruise Holiday

P&O Cruises is one of the leading names in luxury cruising. Offering to sail passengers away on worldwide adventures to every corner of the earth, a cruise holiday from P&O Cruises is the dream escape you’ve been searching for.

Not only does a cruise holiday give you the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas of your port of calls, excursions are available to enable to you get the best of your visit.

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How to File a Holiday Claim

There is so much that could go wrong when you’re on a holiday: you could have a fall and injure yourself, you could catch something infectious, you could get food poisoning, you could be in an accident; so much could go wrong.

However the good news is that you may be able to get compensation for things that go wrong when on holiday. Filing a holiday accident claim is possible in a number of cases, which will not only reimburse you for out of pocket expenses that you may have incurred, but also pay you damages for mental trauma you may have endured due to a ruined holiday. Continue reading…


Booking the Best Value Hotels in Essex

In order for a visitor to book the best value hotels in Essex it is important to make sure that one books in advance and is also familiar with the area. Familiarity with the area will ensure that one chooses the right hotel for whatever purpose has brought one to Essex in the first place.

Being that Essex is so close to London, many who find themselves in the county are there to do business in the capital, and have preferred to book a hotel in Essex and commute rather than go through the hassle and expense of finding a hotel in central London itself.

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10 Things to do While Holidaying in Australia

The subtropical towns and cities of Queensland, Australia, bask in warm weather and ocean breezes throughout the year. Expect to enjoy fine weather and sunshine throughout your qld holidays, and spend time visiting the province’s limitless attractions. Even if you fly into Sydney in New South Wales, be sure to set time aside to travel to Queensland during your holiday.

If you have a tight schedule, choose the top 10 things to do on your qld holidays so you’re sure not to miss the highlights of this spectacular region. Continue reading…


Making the Most of Cheap Holidays

Cheap holidays can be as satisfying and enjoyable as any other. In fact you might even find that the sangria tastes a little sweeter and the sunshine leaves even more relaxed if you’ve managed to find yourself a bargain on a really great getaway. There is no shortage of high quality package deals being made available at low-cost prices this year and you could soon be setting off to somewhere spectacular at a fraction of the costs you might have been expecting to pay.


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